Combining various result items in one file

MIKE+ offers high flexibility in configuring result files obtained from simula­tions. The secondary table (Figure 13.26) in the Result Files editor is used to specify different combinations of items and locations for user-specified result setups.

User-specified results (i.e. non-Default) may be configured to contain differ­ent result sets with varying combinations of:

·         Location

·         Items. Items may be from the same Content Type or from across differ­ent (active) Content Types.


Figure 13.26    The secondary table in the Result Files Editor

The example shown in Figure 13.26 is a ‘Network’ result file setup that has ‘Mixed content’ and includes 3 Location-Items combinations in one .RES1D result file. Result items from across content types (i.e. active modules) may also be saved in one file. Use Content Type = ‘Mixed content’ for the result file setup to allow this option (see example in Figure 13.26).

The Location-Item combinations are is the example are summarised in the table below:

Table 13.12      Example Location-Items combinations from across content types that may be combined in one Mixed Content User-Specified result file





Save subset = Pipes and canals

HD Items = Water level, Velocity


Save individual = Node 7

AD Items = Concentration


Save within polygon

HD Items = Discharge

The content of the secondary table is controlled with the following buttons:

‘Insert' button

Creates a new item in the table, with Default properties.

‘Delete' button

Deletes the current selected rows from the secondary table.

‘Copy' button

Creates a copy of the active row.