Edit Custom Blocks

This tool can be used to edit the custom blocks of a file. Custom blocks are data in dfs files where miscellaneous information about the file is kept.

MIKE 21 / MIKE 3 specific

Most MIKE 21 and MIKE 3 data files have a custom block called "M21_Misc". It is a block of 7 floats

·         Item 1: orientation at origin relative to true north.

·         Item 2: drying depth.

·         Item 3: code for identifying whether or not the data contains geographical information; it is -900 if it contains geographical information.

·         Item 4: the zland value, the value above which bathymetric data (the data itself in case of bathymetry data file; the prefix record containing the bathymetry in other cases) is considered as land.

·         Item 5-6: are more free and may have different meaning in different situ­ations.